Monday, July 14, 2008

Ten Minute make-up

Assalaamu alaikum!

Today i'll be presenting a ten minute make up regime perfect for a girls only party, or a girls get together.

1. Moisturize skin well

2. Apply liquid powder foundation. Dot on or smooth over. Blend well.

3. Apply eye liner near lashes

4. Mascara: apply a light coat to avoid smudges

5. Blusher: smile n quick sweep on each cheek

6. lipstick: Apply - blot again apply blot

7. Apply a layer of gloss onto the lipstick for some shine.

I found this company that sells organic make up. Here's the address:
The organic make up is the closest i got to finding halaal make up
I just love their name NVEY :D

I haven't ordered from the company, as i don't use a lot of makeup myself just sometimes. sometimes I use a kohl pencil and a lipstick made with castor oil, beeswax, or lanolin.
I have not tried mineral make up and i don't know if they're Halaal...


Please check out the following site: it's about how some makeup isn't tested and can be really harmful for your skin.
Please check your cosmetics before you buy!!!

If you buy the wrong cosmetics you could be left with pigmented skin, and dark patches!!!

That also reminds me a lot of girls bleach their skins to look lighter in coulour and more beautiful, some of these bleach creams can be extremely harmful for your skin so please watch out!!!.
A natural skin whitener is a bit of milk mixed with finely ground almonds applied to the skin as a mask after cleansing. Do remember to wash it off after a few minutes!!! ;D

oh ya.. as my Dear Mama always says... A beautiful person is the one who does beautiful deeds!


Mina said...

Thank you for the tips hun,
on how to take care of yourself and moisurization is a must:)
Bleaching yuck I still don't know why people want lighter skin as if it is supirior Subhanallah!!!
It is all a ploy for the hunger money making companies tricking women into what they believe is the right thing to do so they can profit from young womens low self esteem
Such a shame really.

Moon said...

Assalaam Mina and welcome to my blog sis!

Our skins are Allah's gift and we should take good care of them! Just a simple good moisturizer is enough. Sometimes i just use baby lotion! Good enough for baby good enough for you ;)

It's really sad to see lots of people lighten their skin to look more attractive. I know lots of good girls who were rejected as prospective wives just coz they'r a bit dark!

We'r all equal in the sight of Allah (SWT)! I wish people would realize that

Aalia said...

Asalaam 3alaikum wa ra7matullahi wa barakato :-D

I came here by way of Habayeb's Blog, and your post title caught my attention! SubhanAllah, today I was looking for an easy make-up routine and here I found it. I like everything in that except I wouldn't wear lipstick---my husband haaaates lipstick, blush and eye-shadow so it seems since FOREVER that I have worn this stuff. But lip-balm to keep my lips from drying up is all I need, hehe. Plus, since I have big lips, when they get crusty it doesn't look very nice LoL!

BTW you have a very nice Blog, I'ma add u to my favourites :-D

Moon said...

Walaikum Assalaam sis! Welcome to my blog.
I often read your blog too don't know if i've commented or not.

Try a coloured lip balm, like those from labello they have coloured balms and coloured gloss n their stuff is best for lips, in southern Africa anyway.
Ah da husband problems. :) ah no worries it's good in a way, coz u don't know what they put in there! :)

Moon said...

Jazakallah for comments sis Aalia! Missed that in previous comment...

*~Ange~* said...

cute post

Moon said...

jazakallah Ange and welcome sis :)