Monday, July 28, 2008

Feeling very tired

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Lately i've been feeling very tired it's been work and home for a long time, I need a serene break, a vacation...

Something like...

By the way what do you do on holidays?
I know silly question... everyone goes for a vacation some time or other.

Ya I've been on "Vacations" too... but it's like going to my parents country to visit relatives, and travelling from one city to another in a matter of 12 days. And most of the times we're sick with diarrhea.

Sometimes we're even scared to go shopping thinking what'll happen if u need the loo while shopping? If any of you have been to Asian countries you'll know exactly how "pleasant" the public bathrooms can be, that is to say if you're lucky enough to find one :P
The solution comes in the form of diarrhea inhibiting tablets, an overdose of them :D Believe me you can't survive without them!!!
Our vacations leave us feeling more tired than when we're not on holidays... but at least the change of scenery makes a difference.

That's enough of my story, do tell me how you like to spend your Vacations, I'd love to hear from you all.

Wa Salaam


ammena said...

I miss normal holidays, since Ive been living in Canada (and with only getting 10days a year) my holidays have been spent flying back to UK to visit friends and family. Although this year I also went to Chicago & Vancouver and I did lots of sightseeing. Im looking forward to a peaceful quite holiday in the Med next year insha'allah.

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslau alakum Moon
Hols i like as i discover more and more about the world, i like to do all things touristy, local cusine, speak to locals and shop! This is holidaying alone ofcourse, now with kids and dh in tow its more geared around them.

moon if you find the place in your picture take me with.

Coffee Catholic said...

I'm so glad that I saw a bit of the world before I got married and pregnant because going on vacation now is wearying. I don't think we'll go very far for the next clutch of years as I build up the family numbers haha! But I do love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. :-)

Moon said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Ameena... maybe one day i'll appear at your door step in Canada :) If i'm ever visit there... i hope...I haven't seen the states or Canada yet...

Ek Ajnabia, i'll have your pattern for the bolero posted soon on my page inshallah. I've not forgotten.
& If i find the serene place in the pic of the previous post i'll take u with :)

Coffee Catholic, welcome to my blog sis!

julaybeeba said...

lol our family vacations also includes visiting family over seas in the westbank and jordan. and trust me it is no vacation. it is more like hell on earth. from the states a 12 hour no sleep flight. to jordan, hotel rooms with beds like rocks. to my aunts house with complaints and more complaints,to the west bank via a 10 hour jordanian-israeli check point. the jews are actually nicer then the arabs btw, and the whole diahrea thing is all too familiar so we get to my grandmas house and all we hear are complaints about money, money, and more money....oh and as pali citizens, we aren't even aloud to visit jerusalem..which is less then an hour away...sad right?

Aalia said...

I like to vacation to the big city on the mainland. We wake up early, take a ferry on the ocean and then arrive at our hotel (Holiday Inn). Then I meet up with my sisters in Islam and we go shopping and chat for like 6 hours *lol*

But I can't wait until my husband takes me out of Canada to go on a holiday. That'll be fun, insha'Allah!