Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back with info about Zikr beads

Assalaamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

I'm back after quite some time, i hope you all had a wonderful "Bakra Eid" and are still around reading my posts ;)

I got caught up with things happenening in my life, and am not sure for how long I can keep this blog moving, Inshallah I am trying as much as I can to keep it going.

The reason I made this blog was simply to guide others by the Guidance given to me by Allah Subhanhu wa Taala, and has been purely to provide Daawah in the way I know best, and I pray that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala excepts this service from me, for He is the Most Forgiving, most Merciful.

Some people critisized me for using a zikr beeds (Tasbeeh), and this has been a great doubt in mind till today when I recieved the following from the JAmiat of South Africa, Inshallah If you are having the same doubts as I this will clear it up.

Question and Answer:
Q. Assalamu alaykum!!! I have the following question: Is it permissible to use a Tasbih for Zikr or is it (Tasbih) a Bid’ah?

(Grozny, Chechnya)

A. To use a Masbah (Tasbih, Rosary, beads) to make Zikr as a means of counting is not a Bid’ah. There are authentic reports that some of the companions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) used to use beads to keep count of the amount of Zikr they used to do. In present times, the Tasbih or Masbah is common and holds the same purpose of beads. Hence, the same ruling will apply.

Allamah Suyuti (Rahimahullah) has mentioned in his book al-Minha fis- Subhah the incident of ‘Ikrimah (Rahimahullah), who had asked his teacher ‘Umar al-Maliki (Rahimahullah) about Zikr-beads. The latter replied that he had also asked about it his teacher Imam Hasan al-Basrî (Rahimahullah) who replied: “Something we have used at the beginning of the road we are not desirous to leave at the end. I love to remember Allah with my heart, my hand, and my tongue.”

On this, Allamah Suyuti comments: “And how should it be otherwise, when the Zikr-beads remind one of Allah Most High, and a person seldom sees Zikr-beads except he remembers Allah, which is among the greatest of its benefits.”

Abu Hurairah possessed a thread with two thousand knots and would not sleep until he had used it all for dhikr. (Narrated by Abu Nu‘aym in Hilyah, and az-Dhahabi in Siyar A’laamin Nubalaa’ and Tadhkirah) He said: “Verily, I glorify Allah (recite Subhanallah) everyday twelve thousand times.” (Narrated by Abu Nu‘aym in Hilyah, al-Bayhaqi in his Sunan, Ibn Hazm in al-Muhalla, Ibn al-Jawzi in Sifatus Safwah, az-Dhahabi in Siyar and Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, Ibn Rajab in Jami‘ al-‘Ulum wal-Hikam, and Ibn Hajar in the Isabah where he said that Ibn Sa‘d narrates it with a sound chain in his Tabaqat.)

Abu Dawood, Tirmizi, Nasaai, Ibn Hibbaan and Haakim have narrated from Sa’d Bin Abi Waqqaas that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) noticed some date-stones or pebbles placed in front of one his wives with which she was making Tasbeeh.

Abu Dawood and Haakim have narrated from Safiyya (Radiyallahu Anha) that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) came to her while she had heaped in front of her 4,000 date seeds. She was reciting Tasbeeh (Zikr) with the date seeds.

From the above mentioned narrations, it is evident that the use of Tasbih/beads is not a Bid’ah. Rather, it was the practice of senior Sahabah and Tabi-een to use beads to count when doing the Zikr of Allah.

And Allah Knows Best

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Eid Mubarak to all my readers!

May Allah Ta'ala shower you with his blessing and guide you to the staright path!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Duaa for Laylatul-Qadr

*Duaa for Laylatul-Qadr (The Night of Power)*

It is reported that Aisha (radhi Allahu `anha) said: “O Messenger of Allah! What if I knew which night Lailatul-Qadr was, then what should I say in it?”

He [salalahu alayhi wa salam] said, “Say: [Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annee -O Allah, you are the One who grants pardon for sins. You love to pardon so pardon me](at-Tirmithi)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The last 9 days of Ramadaan

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Ramadaan is almost over and it feels like i haven't done all the ibadat that i could possibly done.
Thankfully Allah has created the last 10 nights of Ramadaan to be vey special. Within these nights are the great odd nights, that means the nights of the 21st, 23rd, 25th,27, 29th nights any one out of these nights could be the night of power, LAYLATUL QADR.
What is Laylatul Qadr?
Its a night better than a 1000 nights of ibadat (worship) put together. Imagine the rewards reaped on this night if spent in Worship of Allah! (For refernce read surah QADR surah 97 with translation.)

Lets not let this great opportunity go to waste. Let us use every night and reap the maximum benefit from it.

For those ladies who r havin haidh (that time of month), do not worry, if u spend this time in just doing Zikr and reading Tasbeeh, inshallah you will also be rewarded the same as the intention in your hearts.

Ma' Salaam

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramadaan Mubarak!!!

Assalaamu ALaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Ramadaan Mubarak everyone!

This year the days and months are passing at the speed of light.
Ramadaan is already upon us, and once more the doors of Mercy have opened for us.

Let us take this precious time to ask for forgiveness for our sins, both known to us and those that we have done unknowingly.
Another thing to ask Allah Taala during this month is refuge from the Fire of Hell.

Allah's messenger (pbuh) says, Allah, the Almighty has said: "Every act of man is for him except fasting, it is done for My (Allah's) sake and I will give reward for it. The breath of a faster is sweeter to Allah than the fragrance of musk."

Fasting makes us feel thankful for every morcel of food that Allah provides for us, and the sweetness of water that Allah has provided us to drink despite the number of our sins.
Here is a duaa we can recite after drinking water

Inshallah i will post more time permitting,

I wish all of you a Ramadaan full of Barakah, and may Allah Ta'ala keep us on the right path even after Ramadaan is over. Ameen Summ Ameen

Friday, June 11, 2010


"A woman needs to be maintained financially, spiritually, morally, and above all intelletually because women are creatures of sound, and men are creatures of sight, and above all you must know the art of a relationship, is based upon communication" –Imam Malik

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hardships, illness and troubles are blessings in disguise


Abu Hurayrah radi Allahu anhu reported that the Prophet said: “Hardships continue to befall a believing man and woman in their body, family, and property, until they meet Allah Subhanahu ta’ala burdened with no sins.” [Tirmithee]

Monday, March 22, 2010

Consequences of withdrawing from the remembering Allah Ta'ala.

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Here is some food for thought, may Allah give us the guidance never to leave the remembrance of Him.

If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of The Most Gracious, we appoint for him a Satan, to be an intimate companion to him.

Such (Satans) really hinder them from the Path, but they think that they are being guided aright!

Quraan S.43 v36 & 37

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Back!!! & a Duaa

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

I am back from my Long holiday, Alhamdolillah had a very nice time, attended 2 weddings, and enjoyed myself thoroughly!Now Inshallah i'm back to my blogging.
I will tell more of my travels soon,

Here is a short Duaa:
“O Allaah! I ask You for guidance, piety, safety and well-being, and contentment and sufficiency.” (Allaahummaa innee as’alukal-hudaa wat-tuqaa wal-`afaafa wal-ghinaa).[Related by Muslim, no 2721]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding Season!!!

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullhi waBarakatuhu,

The december holiday season seems to spark a chain reaction of weddings in the asian Region.
There are lots of weddings coming up in my family too and Inshallah I'll be able to attend a couple of these this year.

I was looking at a lot of make up looks that are relatively easy to do, and here is one that I found that looks really stunning.

Would you do this look?

or would you prefer this one?

Sorry i haven't posted any of your comments as they seem to appear in chinese.... i don't know which ones are from my readers and which of them are spam...