Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the begining the opening chapter

Assalaamu alaikum
The first and most important chapter of the Quraan is Surah Fatiha which itself translates to the opening chapter.

It starts by praise to Allah the sustainer and cherisher of the world.
Indeed we have lots to thank Allah for. Especially things that we take for granted such as our eyesight. Just imagine he one day a grain of dust gets in your eye it can be very painful, and if it causes any damage to the eye we risk loosing our sight. So every minute that you have small blessings from Allah such as your eyes being well and/or having no major physical deformalities we should thank him.

Allah is very forgiving and most merciful.
We may commit sins ask for forgiveness and yet still do the same sin again and yet again ask for forgiveness. Allah is so merciful he forgives again and again. There is no excuse for any muslim not to ask for forgiveness and at the same time we must ask allah to protect us from making the same mistakes again.

Lord of all the worlds.
Our universe is made up of countless planets, galaxies, stars. Planets that we haven't even heard of yet. Allah is the sustainer and cherisher of all.

Allah do we worship and His help we seek.
We should not worship anyone else nor ask for help from any other god.
Often when we're in trouble we say 'God help me' the God we should ask should be Allah and Him alone.

Show us the straight way, the path tread on by the people that You have guided, and not on the path that leads us astray..
Our constant asking to be shown the right way will inshallah help us from doing the forbidden things.

This is just my way of interpreting this surah others might have other views.

May Allah bless and guide us all. Ameen

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