Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm back! N i bring u memoirs of my Hajj!

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

I want to wish you all Eid Mubarak in advance,as inshallah we shall be having eid here tomorrow 27th November, just as it is in Saudi Arabia.

I went for Hajj about 6 years ago, and it was truly marvelous, and with it came lots of lessons of patience and tolerance of other people and their habbits.

My journey started of on the 6th of zil Hijj when we arrived in Makkah directly in the late afternoon. We rested in our room for a few minutes and then went out for our first Umrah, as we had already put on our ehram at the start of the journey. After we had finished our Umrah we slept for the night, and the next day our group was shifted to the tent city in Mina (pics following soon inshallah) we spent the 7th &8th in Mina and in the night of the 8th we moved to the make shift tents of Arafat, these tents did not have tje luxury of the air conditioners of Mina, but we were ther for devotion and not comfort.. We made lots of Ibaadat there consisting of Nafl Salaah and lots of Quraan recitation and lots of duaas. We heard the khutbah at zohr from our tents, then stayed there till sunset, after which we were sorted into groups again to go to Muzdalifa. The mountain side where we were to spend the night (no tents here), collect stones to pelt the Shayateen, and move back after Salaah fajr on morning of the 10th back to Mina. We pelted the Shayateen late Asr time as the crowd was relatively less at that time and then went back to Makkah to complete the Hajj by doing Tawaaf and performing the Saee (running between mount Safaa and Mount Marwaa), and finishing with the men shaving their heads and the ladies trimming their hair.

After this was done, and our camel was slaughtered (the next day) we had Camel Biriyaani for lunch. I must say it was pretty Yummy, although camel meat does not taste like camel meat at all!

Right now you can watch a live broadcast of the hajj on aswatalislam website.

if u know of any other site broadcasting live let me know.

Ma Salaam.

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