Monday, June 1, 2009

Some Advise needed!!

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

A few months ago I joined up with a group of Muslim girls that were combining Islamic Teachings with "fun" things girls could do. in this group there was one senior lady who overlooked the activities of these girls. At first it all seemed like a really great idea and most girls would pitch up only when there was something big going on like a tea or a themed party.

This carried on for sometime, and the girls somewhat stayed on track. one day they teamed up with the muslim Boys group and decided to have a joint party, but they agreed to have separate halls. This is when i started to pull out of their group and not associating with them.
Now decided to permanently join the boys group, they have meeting with them etc. (which i consider to be totally haram as i don't see them do it for a worthy cause)

Just a day ago they have asked me to do an article for their "joint" Newsletter, and I have turned them down coz i didn't want feel like supporting this group, as i see them doing wrong! But at the same time I want to guide them back to how they were...

Am I over reacting or am I simply not supporting them.
What do u guys think I should do?


Habayeb said...

Why did they join the boys group? I mean wat was the point of an all sisters group in the 1st place? I think ur right in what ur thinking. Maybe you cud talk to the sisters and tell them ur opinions and say that you can have as much fun with all girls and that many more sisters may join since they wanna have girly fun otherwise they cud just even hang out with the boys in the university or skool why bother joining this group..just coz it calls itself "Islamic"? Insha'allah speak to them in a kind manner and hope it works out.

Hajar said...

Have a sister-to-sisters talk and voice your concerns. Simultaneously, identify their reasons for permanently joining the boys group, and try to work things from there. I hope you get your solution soon. :)

Pixie said...

I advise speaking to the girls and asking them what Islamic purpose they have for joining the boys group. If no one comes up with one, :D write an article about the situations from the sunnah where men and women are allowed to mix, and the ones where they weren't, and ask everyone to inspect their intentions.

Moon said...

Jazakallah all, will do just that.
Thanks Pixie, good suggestion about writing an article about the issue!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Aslamu alakum
you did right moon , do try to have a chat with the senior sister and perhaps go perpared with a hadith or some evidence from the quran and sunnah to hightlight your concerns, at least you would have tried, free mixing with the opiste sex is forbidden for tea or otherwise Allah Al must'aan may Allah guide this group and its leaders!

Raheel said...

MashaAllah, a wise decision!
Addition of a single drop of Alcohol blemishes the whole container of water. Similarly, a little mistake can ruin the whole purpose doesn't matter how precious it be.

MashaAllah sister, your blog is very informative.

Moon said...

@Brother Raheel,

Jazakallah, Only Allah made it possible.