Monday, February 9, 2009

I've got a Tag!!!

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Here are my favourites :) in some cases there are more than one :P

Favorite color: Lilac

Favorite perfume (guys): Davidoff & CK

Favorite perfume (girls): Deci Dela & J'Adore

Pj brand: My Mom's experimental Pj's ;)

Any Favorite clothes brand in general: No brand just something that looks good on me, Although i always wear a Black Abaya when going out...

Favorite person in the entire world: definitely My sister :)

Favorite country: Switzerland...

Favorite car: Any sports car, the faster the better ;).

Favorite sport: fencing

Favorite sport player/fighter: None

Favorite spot in Southern Africa: God's Window on the Garden route! Breathtaking views!

Favorite animal: i don't have a pet, but it'd have to be a cat, they're sooo cute!

Favorite movie (Indian): Bhagbaan.

Favorite movie (American): Can't think of one.... don't watch many movies

Favorite singer: Junaid Jamshed, Love his tranformation to a practising Muslim, an like his new Nasheeds.

Favorite day in the week: Friday

Favorite time of the day: NIght coz i get to sleep :)

Favorite holiday season: Eid ul Adha

Favorite number: 7

Favorite food: Quiche

Favorite chocolate: Lindt, Catbury, & Hursheys (do they make them anymore?)Any choc witout coconut or pineapple in it.

Favorite cartoon: Gotta be the Road Runner & Loony toons

Favorite blogger: I love all my sisters blogs, and some more that i have to still add to my list...

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Chocolate.

Mobile Brand: Samsung!

Favorite name (girl): Yasmin

Favorite name (boy): Zakaria

Favorite hobby: Crocheting

Favorite room in my house: my bedroom.

Favorite Fruit: Mango.

Favourite flower: birds of paradise & Aram Lillies

Favourite Ayah from the Qu'ran: Ayatul Kursi "the Verse of the Throne" Verse 225 of Surah Baqarah, the Second Surah

My Favourite DRINK: Coffee & Milo

AND Now i Tag the following, you have to add a new favourite of your own...I tag Hal786, Ameena, Farhana, A Muslim Wife, Aalia, Ange, Habayeb , Uni , nafs al-mutmaina, & Crafty Muslimah


Adventurous Ammena said...

salam, thanks for the tag sis.. please see here for when I was previously tagged to know me a little better :D

Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum Sis :-D

OMG I loved "Baghban" too! The story-line was really touching and I thought Amitabh Bachan really pulled off the old dad part :-P

Anonymous said...

wa-alaikumassalam warahmatullahi wabaraktuhu sis!
aww, thanx soo much for tagging me!
i'm glad sum1 out there likes my blog!
i'll do the tag thing soon Inshallah!
(it might take a little while yet sorry)
its terrible whats happenin in Gaza , n when i put a suggestion to my school about raisin money for them they're like o its gona b hard n its a lotta paperwrk n stuff, but they'll try

so plz mke dua that they do decide to raise money for em!
but its snowin here in England anyway so havent been

have u checked out my blog l8ly?
i put up a song about gaza recently
also my lil cousin bro reciting Allahu Akbar!hes only a baby!

i put up songs about palestine, gaza strip n iraq

and more stuff, so please check it out!

thanku so much for the tag again!

pathwayofdevotion said...

Assalamu'alaikum m'dear sister (:
Aww, you're so cute. I read all that you wrote and I was like, what a cutie ^^.

Thanks for the tag, I'll do it as soon as possible, insha'Allah.

Ma'asalaama <3

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dear sister,

Thanks again for the tag. I just finished it! :D

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

Anonymous said...

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that when we love a brother or sister we should tell them: "I love you Moon---wish you were my neighbor"

Pixie said...

Birds of paradise are so pretty. I forgot about them when doing this tag.

Moon said...

:) Jazakallah Pixie *hugs*
I'd love to be your neighbour ;)
I love you for the sake of Allah too

Muslim Wife said...

yikes, I'm so behind! Insha'allah will get to it soon! :)